Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Review: The Pizza Union Kings Cross

Hey guys,

Whilst in London, we stayed near Kings Cross station. Being one of the most popular stations in London, you can imagine the surroundings. There are plenty of places to go and eat, you have your normal fast food places such as McDonald's, and they are currently building a Five Guys too. But they also have Nandos and independent restaurants.

One of the evenings, we thought we would try one of the local eateries, a Pizza place. This restaurant was The Pizza Union. What led us here had been the cheap prices and the fact the that it was so busy. We couldn't think of anywhere better to try.

When we arrived, we joined the line and waited to be served. Before being served you choose your drink,this can range from water, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Once we got to the counter, we gave our order,and chose our sauces,we were given a buzzer. We went to find a seat, and after sitting for 15-20 minutes, our buzzers went off to indicate our food was ready.

The food was freshly prepared and baked in a Pizza oven. And all so reasonably priced. I ordered a ham and pineapple pizza with a bottled water and garlic and herb dip, it all came under £10! What more could you ask for.

The Pizza base, was perfectly thin and crispy, the tomato sauce was lovely, sweet a d herby and the ham used was palmer ham. I couldn't have asked for a better pizza, I even would go to say it's the best pizza I've ever eaten!!

If you are ever in kings cross, London,it's definitely worth a visit!

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